Data Recovery

Lose of data is one of the most frustrating and disappointing things in the computer word that we come across.

Computer Repair

From Windows, Mac, Handheld devices, even Linux, I have the diagnoses for you!

Web-Site Development

All inclusive, the hosting, design, and creation of your site, even lessons in the use of it!

How I can help

With a simple connection via email or my contact form at the bottem, we can get together online or at your space of choice. A good discussion on what your needs are, along with my vast knowledge of information and technologies will get you to were you would like to be!

Repair those devices

Broken things?

I can help. I have grown a real nak for fixing things of the tech world. I can easily help diagnose what the problem is before we even meet. I have a great tool set and can come to you! With my expertise, your broken things can be better again.

Building your sign

Get the message out!

The internet is one of the greatest ways to get your message out. These days a lot of business are using Facebook to communicate with there clients or to interact with potential ones. Through your website, these links can be made so you have the analytical data that you need to truly see who you are reaching or if your ad is even getting out there.

Get your data back

Quick and simple!

Your data recovered. If not just a simple diagnoses fee. Easy as a fixed price upon recovery! The process of recovering data can be a time consuming tedious task. When it is recovered getting back what you lost is something to be proud of.


Taking pictures is an art. Some have and some don't. The eye for the camera and knowing what to say to the people in the portrait is key. Of course, lighting and filters are nice to know as well. With all of this within one person, you can see the magic!


From the ground up, new businesses or an old one to reliable. Changing with the seasons is a great way to keep you customers watching what you are doing! Pictures are worth a thousand words!


I am your marketing team! Together we can get your word out. There are so many avenues that create traffic to your site. let us sit and develop these concepts together!

Design & Develope

Working together or just from a concept. I design and develop what you are after. Good looking, sharp and an intelligent platform is what I provide!

Time to talk

5 Star Support

I offer one on one support. I can talk you through the things that you ask for. With my support, you are in the know with what's going on and how to do it!

Make for all devices

Fully responsive

All devices digital! The tech that we carry to the machines that create. I am in the know and can help assist your demands!

We expect excellence

Always something new

I am always coming up with new ideas, ones that apply to the realm of your needs. Ask and you shall receive. The information technology sector is forever changing. The new usually helps us work faster and bigger!

Get in touch

Call me, WhatsApp me, Email, or FaceBook +1(267)719-3352 (WhatsApp) +51 953 672 246 Benjamin De Nuptiis

Free Consultations

Drop me a message, describe your problems, let me know how you need service.


Internet communications setup, Wi-Fi configuration, I know it all. I can install fiber networks for anyone who needs it!

Get outside the box, the standard box's that we see at the local store anyway. Having issues with your connection? Give me a try and let us see what can be achieved!

Mobile & Tablet

Our portable devices sometimes need special attention when it comes to connecting them with our webpages. My platforms are for sure capable of all of this. Communication is key!


On-line store? Yes, I can! Get your business to grow much faster when you can reach the masses of the world. Not just facebook but the entire world wide web can be your playground for advertising!


Your data can be recovered

I have the skills to replace the parts that break.
If you don't know what to do. 

Operating systems

In the world of computers, core foundation is where I work.     

Knowledge is power, communication is the key, your system is the path.

Your Web Site

Like a billboard on the information superhighway, something that stands out against the rest. 
For a new and bold technique, let us sit a speak! 

Broken screens

Laptops, Displays, Cell Phone LCD.  
Just asking the questions and getting the answers will sometimes find a solution. 


So many things are out.  
Keep it stupid simple is great.
The Tools

In my bag

As a digital Nomad, I travel with what I feel is necessary to shine in this digital realm. I have the things to teach, repair, and create all with me. I can make things change for you and your business. With the right minds and the right tools, people can achieve just about anything.



I've heard and seen it before, you want to do something like create a website, or upgrade your computer. One thing after another. How many hours we spend learning something so simple when it's done. I know many things and have traveled many paths to get to where I am. I am here to share this information with you so you can do the things that you are good at. I enable the power that is able to flow. This power is within the devices we use every day. I would love to help you and your business or just you and your devices become the best they can be.

Being Accountable

My Word

In this world, I have known that the word you give is the most important thing that you can do. Doing is believing and seeing that is shinning. I am an on-time, kind and good for it type of person. The things that matter in this life are what I strive to do. For me it is technology. I have a brilliant mind, I'm told and can create things on a scale that a lot of people don't know about. I am here for you.

Fan Problems (Mac)

Jungle living, my workshop is any were. From the mountains to the beaches I repair there.


Digital Nomad

Weak Wi-Fi, slow loading on your computers, crashed systems, for all the problems related to our devices I can help. I have the experience and the knowledge to help explore the solutions that are available to us right now. I can speak Mac Linux and of course Windows. If you have a question or are just wanting it fixed please contact me anytime. Good relations had and questions answered. If you are building a website or looking to host your own, I can help. From bad battery’s to broken screens, I can assist your needs. When we look around the world today, the sites we come across all lead to our social media platforms. Let me show you how to take charge and have your own information portal that you can call your domain. See’ing the difference’s between FaceBook and your own site, then using them together is key. I offer hosting and creation. Please contact me anytime and I will respond openly and honestly whenever.

Hotel help

I build websites for hotels and restaurants around the area. I also can enable the ability for people to book online on your website with no loss of money or monthly fees. With a website, you can accept credit cards from your customers.



I can keep you updated on my travels and where I am at in the world! My Voyage site



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I started with electronics at a very young age. I developed a passion for repairing things. I am very driven to cut the edge with new ideas and define the way projects can run. Custom handcrafted systems are things that I can design. I am very good at problem-solving and finding the diagnosis for what's wrong in a computer or network.

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