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Want to give your website and its contents a custom design?

If so, then you definitely need a page building tool.

Now the question is, with so many page building plugins which one should you go for?

In this Elementor Pro review, we’ll give you all the required information for you to decide if it’s the best go for a tool for you or if you should look for something better.

What is Elementor Pro?

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Elementor Pro is a viable WordPress plugin by the Pojo Themes team that can be used to add a drag and drop page builder to your site regardless of the theme you’re using.

Why do you need a WordPress page builder?

With you reading this Elementor Pro review, you definitely have a general idea of what a WordPress page builder is. If not, let me enlighten you!

The main purpose of you having a WordPress page builder is to give the default WordPress editor an upgrade in order to create your own custom design for your site and site contents.

With a good page building plugin, you have the opportunity to create advanced layouts with multiple rows and columns as compared to a default WordPress editor where you are limited to adding text and images to your content.

This brings us to our topic of the day, the Elementor pro page builder.

Whether you are in to create a unique homepage, beautiful landing pages, or give your posts a custom layout, Elementor provides you with all the features and functionalities that you may need.

Here is an example of a page created using Elementor pro:

Features of Elementor Pro

To get a better understanding of what Elementor has to offer, let’s take a look at its key features:

User interface
user interface

The image above shows how the Elementor Pro user interface looks like:

This is basically the core of any page builder.

However how influential or powerful a tool is, if there is difficulty in the ease of use, then it’s a guarantee that the outcome will definitely be the opposite of what you expect.

This is why I love and recommend the Elementor pro. It has a modern-looking interface with features that are well executed.


Above are some of the Elementor pro templates.

They have a wide selection of high-quality templates that can be imported to your pages and customized to make them your own.

These template designs cover homepages, contact pages, landing pages, about page, product, and service pages template designs.

The fun part is that with an imported template you can add or remove a section or rather customize it to the taste of your choosing. Any template can be redesigned to match exactly what you are looking for with the help of Elementor pro editor.

Each of your designed pages can be saved in the template library for reuse later on.

elementor pro

Above are some of the Elementor pro elements that can be added to your design.

Another killer feature that Elementor pro has to offer is its elements. These elements include:

  • Counters
  • aoogle maps
  • Author box
  • Etc…

These elements work like the traditional WordPress widgets only that they can be added to your site pages and customized using Elementor pro page builder.

You just have to drag and drop an element to your page to add it to your design.

Apart from these elements, any WordPress widgets in addition to those that come with can be dragged and dropped to your page design with the help of the Elementor pro.

This explains the world of unending possibilities when it comes to building pages and adding content to your designs.

Theme builder features

These features give you more control over the design of your WordPress site.

You can be able to create the design of your site’s header, footer, archive pages, single posts website, etc.

What I love about this feature is that it has the functionality that allows you to use intuitive Elementor visual editor to create one or more header and footer designs for your site.

The theme building involves three processes:

  • Template type: here you choose the type of template you wish to create. It can be header, footer, archive pages, etc.
  • Dynamic data: build the frame work of your pages using dynamic content. This way, your content gets dynamically filled with content from your website.
  • Conditions: this helps you set the location where you wish for the template to appear. It can be a specific page, post, etc.

Let’s take a look at each in details:

Template type
template type

It all begins with creating a new template.

With these Templates, you have control over other areas of your site.No coding required.

This is a game changer if at some point you struggled with header.php or other type of files. This is going to simplify WordPress web design for you.

Dynamic data

When done choosing template, it’s now time to fill it with dynamic content.

The dynamic content tags include:

Posts: Url, title, featured image, content, excerpt, meta, date, time, etc.

Archive: Title, description, meta, Url.

Author: Name, profile pic, bio, meta.

Comments: number of comments,Url.

Site: Site name, tag line, url.

Display conditions
display conditions

When you done creating your template, you now have to choose the conditions in which they’ll be applied to.

Each template includes a conditions that determines where the template is implemented.

Final Thoughts

If in need of a superb drag and drop page builder for your WordPress site, Elementor is your go for tool.

There are a lot of competition in the market out there Elementor stands out as one of the page building tools that can be used by just anyone.

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